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I did not compile this information. I found it on another site when researching the topic. Since we are not allowed to link to other sites I copied the information here with some very minor edits...

THellcat wheel lugnut torque specification is 111 Ft-Lbs (150 N·m) and requires a 22MM socket (7/8" will work if you don't have a 22MM socket)

LX and LC platform lugnuts. Main focus is on Gorilla brand, because they offer more options that work, and they're readily available.

The first post has all the specs you need to know, with part numbers for the various options, and the second post will address all the previous concerns that have been raised, one at a time.

Here are the important specs:

Lug Nut Seat Style: Conical seat
Thread Size: 14mm x 1.50 RH
Conical Seat Taper: 60 degree
Conical Seat Type: Bulge

Here are some examples of Gorilla lugnuts that will work on LX's:

- These are all the same length (1.40"):
Gorilla 91147 (Chrome, 13/16 hex)
Gorilla 41147 (Chrome, 3/4 hex)
Gorilla 91147SS (Stainless Steel, 13/16 hex)
Gorilla 91147BC (Black Chrome, 13/16 hex)
Gorilla 91147HT (Chrome, heat-treated, 13/16 hex)
Gorilla 91148 (Same as the 91147, but priced individually)
Gorilla 61147 (Lifetime Finish, 13/16 hex)

- These are longer (1.90"):
Gorilla 91147XL (Extra long, Chrome, 13/16 hex).

- Open-ended (1.0"):
Gorilla 90048 (Open-ended, 13/16 hex, priced individually)

Here's the Gorilla Numbering Convention:


Gorilla Lugnuts PDF Catalog

Another option is McGard 64074 Chrome/Black (M14 x 1.5, ) Bulge 60 Degree Cone Seat Style (in sets of 4)
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