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Remote Tuning

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Ok all I have all my parts ready to install. Once finished I will have Curt handle the remote tuning. For those that have done it remote how long between uploads and communication back & forth did it take? I have access to a dyno but it will cost me $250hr. Other option is in 🇲🇽 where I have a few open long farm roads. Is dyno better or street. The shop where I can rent has said he's seen remote tuning done in an hour and take as long as 8, sometimes more. Hasn't had experience with dusterhauff or others in the mopar world doing remote tunes. They primarily deal with mustang tuners when remote. The shop is familliar with Mopar but primarily the LS stuff. I'd have them tune it but I want the flex. It will be flex tune with a 2.85 and a straight pump E tune with a 2.65. Not sure what I should do here. Let me know your thoughts.

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What information are you looking for? No need to be nervous about a remote tune session and Curt is probably the best. My first hand experience goes like this. I send stock read to curt he sends me back the tune the car starts and runs perfectly, I drive car and do the pull he asks me to do he reviews the log makes a couple changes and he's done. He got the fuel trims both long term and short term spot on with the first tune he sent me. If you ask him to set aside a couple hrs for you on the day you'd like to tune you'll be done. Just use your cell phone Hot spot stick the laptop in the car and ask curt to get it all done during your time slot.
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