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Reporduction wheels and Nitto 555r tires.

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I need a bit of help from you folks. I am trying to find/purchase reporduction Hellcat wheels, the FR70 style, and Nitto 555r drag radials, and the Nitto NT 555 G2 for the front. Fronts and rears, 9.5 and 10.5. I contacted Factory Reporductions and they will not mount the 555r on their wheels. They also stated they can't get the Nitto NT 555 G2 for the front.
Any help is greatly appreciated.
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To add to my original post, Nitto 555r in 305x35x20 and for the NT 555 G2 275x40x20. I have searched around the net and I see them listed but they do not have them.
Update on what I went with, HemiMetal suggested I look at American Muscle. I did and talked to a great sales rep there, Steve R, he was very helpful and talked to me about going with the Mickey Thompson tires with the wheels I wanted. He also gave me a discount code and that sealed the deal for me. Going with the M/T comp on front and the M/T ET SS for the rear. He stated that Nitto tires were very iffy to obtain and have been for a while. I think I should be pleased with the Mickeys.
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