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Residue inside throttle body/supercharger

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Hello, I recently purchased an 18k mile Charger Hellcat and while doing some intake improvements I noticed some residue inside the throttle body. Is this normal from blow by/dirty filter or?? Seems concerning however it runs great...
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Thank you both! This is my first supercharged beast so I'm learning!
While the amount you currently see is nothing relatively to what Reaperhwk shared a catch can still won’t be 100% bulletproof, but certainly will help to mitigate a significant amount of blowby for sure.
Did this vehicle have forced induction? If not, I think this is backflow during overlap that is causing this, yes?
I am guessing it is exacerbated by the direct injection, as in, no gasoline mist washing the intake port walls all the time, or the back of the valves.
Backflow? How much flow you think you’ll get? All of that is caused by the fact that there’s a PCV valve/system diverting crankcase to the intake system for emissions purposes, such crankcase fumes are heavily rich in oil mist that’s what ends up building up in your cylinders heads plus the fact that on direct injected with no port injected fuel will produce that gunk build up. Nothing less, nothing more.

And the above applies to both N/A and boosted applications…
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1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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