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Residue inside throttle body/supercharger

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Hello, I recently purchased an 18k mile Charger Hellcat and while doing some intake improvements I noticed some residue inside the throttle body. Is this normal from blow by/dirty filter or?? Seems concerning however it runs great...
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You want to see residue? This was on my Tahoe with a Direct injection motor with 110k miles. Bought it used has a catch can now. Had to walnut blast all the valves! That amount I see in your pictures isn’t anything that would be a problem.

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My post with those filthy valves was just to illustrate how much gunk they pcv system dumps in the intake. With a DI engine I feel that a catch can is a must. With port injection I personally feel the fuel cleans those valves well so there is no NEED for a can but it definitely can’t hurt.
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