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Resolved: AC air flow issue

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need some suggestions. AC issue recently started with my 2016 Charger. With auto mode at the lowest temp settings and both side synched airflow is high on all vents and cold. The second I adjust the temp from low to 60 the air flow drops to a trickle on all vents. If I go back to low it’s back on full force. Doing some troubleshooting, if I unsynch and adjust the passenger side temp to 60 or higher air flow on all vents are the same It’s only when I adjust the driver side that air flow comes to a slow trickle. Search this forum but mostly getting hits for the blend door being root cause with the passenger side air blowing warm. Any suggestions before a make a trip to the dealership? Thanks.

note: all ac controls work fine when not In auto. Could it be the Sun Sensor?
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Does your Charger have any mods done?

Linda :)
Hi Linda,

Just supporting mods for 2.85 pulley on pump 93. Modded 6 years ago with 4k miles, now has 60k.
Check all fuses?
Yes, fuses checked, nothing blown.
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It could actually have to do with the ac Unit, but since your Charger has mods Check your T stat.
When my T stat went bad it affected the air conditioning.

Linda :)
Thanks Linda, t-stat appears to be working fine, no abnormal engine temps. It’s has 185 in it now , temps always normal.
New humidity sensor resolved my issue. Thanks Diboblo for the suggestion.
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