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Results from Ethanol-Free 94 Octane mixed with E85 for E10 Mixture

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Hey guys,

I can get 94 with Zero Ethanol across my entire province. I can also buy E85 in barrels for my garage. I'm in the process of tuning and pulleying my Hellcat (for pump) and don't want to do an E85 build as its rather inconvienent in Canada.

What would the benefits/risks and results be from mixing E0 94 Chevron w/ E85. I was thinking of doing 9 Gallons 94 and 1 Gallon E85 for a mix of around E08 . Local guys are doing this on their tuned Audis but I wasn't sure how our platform would react to it?

Would it be better/less risky than just running straight 94? Or is it more risky as it will lean the car out?

All opinions welcome.

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Why would you do this and not just get pump 93 that already has 10-15% ethanol in it. Sounds like a waste of money to be honest
If your car isn’t tuned it’s not going to make a difference. Your car already takes into consideration 10% ethanol in fuel. If you’re worried about knock, I would add a bottle of boostane to raise the octane. I wouldn’t mix e85. E85 take a lot more energy (a lot more fuel) to make power than gasoline. I would never mix like that if you aren’t tuned for flex fuel or straight e85. Do at your own risk. The car isn’t tuned for above 91 octane from the factory - doing what you propose isn’t going to have a positive impact. Again, I would just get your standard 91-93, and if you’re worried about knock/octane level, add a bottle of boostane. Glad to see the internet is back up up there
There are times when the motor may knock on 91 even though it is tuned from the factory to run on it.

Heat soak+ high temperatures could cause preignition. Running more than 91 means less chance of the car pulling timing under those circumstances.
Yeah, which is why I would put boostane in it, not e85 lol
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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