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Hello guys,
I'm sorry for longer foreword. I feel it deserves some background and I'm newbie here.
I live in Europe, I always wanted Challenger. And never hit the Powerball jackpot.
Last year I was able to bid on Copart auction on slightly damaged Challenger ScatPack. I was happy with it, it was relatively smooth (and I was lucky) and I was able to afford repairs hit the road and enjoy.
Unfortunately I got insane and in Jan I bought 2016 Hellcat same way - remote, Copart auction. It was not well though step not typical to me. Only photos, running engine video. No damage. Carfax history really nice.
But I did bad research and I didn't realize Hellcats are very often modded. Now it arrived and I'm panicking.
I found invoices in glovebox.
  • PCM tune.
  • Supercharger pulley (need to measure dia)
  • ID1050x injectors
  • Diff bracket
  • Tint of !front! screen (aaargh removal is PITA! There is no way you could get license places with this thing)
  • Crazy lights mod (I was able to remover and have nice stock electrics already
  • Something I'm unaware yet...
  • 295 front and 325 rear tires. I have seen it, but I have to get stock rims. These gets outside car and it is another no-go here.
I have contacted the company that tuned PCM asking for details. What was done. They responded car was there some time ago. And stated they did PCM, but some modifications were done elsewhere. They adjusted maps, disabled the after cat O2 sensos and left PCM unlocked. He wrote I might need catted headers too, but he was unsure of cats are removed or not (hopefully not). I asked if I can flash the stock software back. He said I could, but due to mods it won't run well.

I want stock Hellcat. 1) Technical inspections, emissions checks are frequent and relatively strict here. 2) Challengers were never imported here. Spare parts are very hard to find and expensive. 3) I don't think Dodge engineers are lame and they did best to balance between longevity and power. And I need no breakdowns.

I did little research, but that's why I need to verify.

  1. Unless somebody changed crankshaft pulley too, I need to change the supercharger pulley to get stock boost right?
  2. See the picture, the 3rd pulley looks like non-stock. I assume it is installed to introduce another "S" to compensate smaller diameter of supercharge pulley while keeping same length of belt. Am I correct this is Metco pulley so I can just buy stock size ring only and swap?
  3. Will the stock PCM software + stock pulley work with those ID1050x injectors or are they too much so engine won't compensate between long term fuel trim limits (typically -30% to + 30%)?
  4. Is there any article / experience how much these tunes affect reliability?
Thank you for long reading. Any recommendation is appreciated.

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Depends on how hard and throughly they inspect the car.

I think you could have gotten away with the light mods, usually these mods come with a controller that can turn them off.

Based on inspections nobody is gonna be able to tell stock vs modded pulleys and they certainly won't be able to tell you have bigger fuel injectors unless they start tearing the car apart and have stock diagrams and photos of the car.

Personally I wouldn't return to stock pulley without a new tune. There's no way inspections can find out ur tuned, only dodge dealers can.

The only thing they can fail you for is your emissions or if your vehicle doesn't meet eu/czechia standards.

Below are the list of things you need to register in your country (assuming you are in czechia)

Technical specification are just a list of specs from the manufacturer that include engine size, body dimensions, fuel system (i.e. diesel/gas/hybrid/electric) etc etc

I think you are definitely panicking a little too much.

As far as reliability goes your guess is as good as anyone, if anything I would have an experienced tuner look at the logs for the car and possibly make some adjustments or dial it back to something more tame if the tune is pushing to the edge of the cars limits.

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What about buying an extended warranty? The Dodge dealer does an inspection and figures it out one way or the other.
Once the car leaves its original country the warranty is void even if you purchase an extended warranty..... assuming the car is stock. This one already being modded wasn't gonna get an extended warranty anyway.

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Oh, I was wondering that. So, who works on Dodges over there then?
The ihi supercharger has been used in other cars before, the w211 e55 ran one. The engine isn't groundbreaking tech either, and the zf trans shows up in the M cars among other cars, I'm sure there are specialist garages that work on high end cars in europe, whether they are relatively close is a whole different story.

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All> thank you for ideas and recommendations. I will definitely think about them. Luckily cats are there. Mufflers unfortunately not.🤬

One question. Does Hellcat have middle muffler or resonator? Does anybody know which dimension?
Looks like it was replaced by 2.5" pipes as well as the rear one. I'm curious, he was tuning for power - why he didn't use the 2.75" or 2.5 vs 2.75 is negligible?

I'm curious if it should or should not be there. I'm surprised by the driveshaft diameter. Not sure if it is somehow related to driveshaft size.

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Mid muffler has been deleted
Rear resonator has been deleted (near tips)


Put in vibrant 1794s where mid mufflers should be.

Add the appropriate factory resonators back near the tips or something that functions in a similar way.

You can clearly see weld points and determine what's factory and what's not.
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