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Ringing Noise From Front of Engine....

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Hello everyone! Just joined the community tonight and I look forward to now exploring a little more. I have a 2019 Charger Hellcat with just over 8k miles.
I’ve been following the site for awhile but unfortunately I have come across an issue I need some help with. I have done a bunch research and I cant figure out the exact issue I am having atm.
There is a ringing noise coming from the front of the engine. I’ve stethoscoped the s*** out of it and I think it’s an idler pulley on the supercharger drive system. I changed out the plastic idler (near alternator) on the regular accessory belt system but the noise persisted. Wondering if anyone has had an issue with this or recognizes the noise. I copied the iCloud link for the video I took below.
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What did you ever find out? I bought a 2015 about a month ago and have the exact same sound. It is intermittent and louder at cold start. Your feedback is appreciated. Thanks, Seth
Sorry, I forgot to update this as there were two posts about it.
It was 100% the water pump. Using an automotive stethoscope helped narrow the area down. Took belts off too to narrow it down. I asked the dealer and they said they would not be surprised if it was the water pump. Even after I reminded them of it being a 19 hellcat with under 10k miles.
I bought the pump, changed it out, noise is gone. Been perfect since.
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