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Road Course

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Took my car out to the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Road Course training facility last week.

What a blast. This car is awesome!! I was told the track record is 53 seconds. I was running a consistant 55 seconds (i am not a professional driver, i just watch them on tv). Top speed was 109. I never felt any brake fade. The acceleration was phenomenal. This car is all that and a box of Cracker Jacks.

side note: had the car dyno'd 2 weeks ago. 625rwhp, 596 tq

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With the tires it has and the power on tap, it's very hard to every really lay it down on a road course. It's funny to watch someone like Randy Pobst at Willow Springs in the Charger. If you listen he's pretty much always feathering the throttle.

The lap starts at 5:15.
That's Streets of Willow, not the full size road course. Streets is a handful in a kart (as in go-kart) I wouldn't take a full size car there too tight and rough. Road America or Daytona is where the Hellcat belongs!
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