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Road trip

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Took a road trip yesterday, north Alabama to mid Michigan (I65-I69-127), in my 2016 M6 black on black Hellcat Challenger. First trip in more than a year for obvious reasons but near perfect weather and surprisingly few traffic disruptions made for a very pleasant day. I was struck by a few things though, first, Kentucky should be proud of I65 through their state, beautiful three lanes in each direction but mainly I was reminded what a masterpiece of design our cars are. I don’t just mean the stares, crowds of onlookers and friendly engaging folks that wanted to talk about the car at every stop, I also mean the absolute comfort and better than 22MPG on the highway this car provides. Oh, and that beautiful supercharger whine and guttural roar when one safely accelerates to merge at highway speed.

In automotive terms, these are an aging design with black Challengers plentiful and by no means at the age of a “classic”, yet firing it up stops people in their tracks to stare and give a heartfelt thumbs up, invites people to come look and tell stories and causes people to pull alongside and admire it. All pays tribute to the car and probably explains the theft rate.
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In automotive terms, these are an ageless design
Fixed that for you.
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