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Got up a full hour video of drag racing at Roadkill Nights 2022, some cool shots of Demonology and Westin Champlin at the end, as well as some of the other special events on the Woodward drag strip. What a blast, kind of missed out with the hot rod flame throwers at the end, disappointed they didn't have that... But it was still orchestrated really well this year and glad I took a day off of work to attend, really enjoyed it! Might buy a VIP ticket next year and take my Hellcat out... I can never get over the shot of the Amtrak train going by, has to be my favorite moment out there to watch and film, seeing a train go by when drag racing, gives me chills every time! For some I think the racing gets repetitive, but man for me, I enjoy every race even during the time trials! We don't have a drag strip in southeastern Michigan close by... There was talk in the news of a one going up in Detroit, but never did, grateful Dodge decided to do this!

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