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Rocker panel issues on 23' Charger REWBJB

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This is regarding a my23 order and can't find any threads or posters out there with similar issues. My left side rocker panel is popped out, have the clips lined up but it won't stay snug. Thought it was like that from the factory but first noticed it after having the car jacked up. Two days ago I took it into Dodge for first oil change and now the right side rocker is popped out same as left. So now I know it's happening when they are lifting the car. They need to be replaced under warranty but I'm worried the new ones will do same every time car gets lifted. Anyone else had an issue with this? Any advice is greatly appreciated.. Its a 23 Charger rewbjb. Have owned 3 other hellcats never had this issue. Pics included. Thanks for any input from yall!!!!


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I don't understand why the dealership doesn't use a 4 post lift for oil changes. No need to have the wheels free for an oil change.
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