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Safe wheel cleaner?

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So these are the first painted wheels I've ever owned. Most wheel cleaners say safe for chrome, or aluminum. A few say "all", but I'm always skeptical of those claims. So for those of you that have had your cat for long enough to wash the wheels a few times, what have you been using? Is it effective, and did it damage the paint/coating at all?

I'm very familiar with the dust the Brembos can produce, so I expect that any of you that have had your car for more than a month are already experts at this. Since I just picked mine up on Monday, I haven't cleaned the wheels yet. I'm not necessarily looking for something to repel/reduce the brake dust. Just a safe cleaner for the wheels. I've used Eagle1 stuff in the past, and always been happy with it.
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I use simonize wheel cleaner on cold wheel. spray off then use leave blower to dry. never touch wheels with cloth or brush.
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