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SC noise

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Just wanted to say, if you have a noise that sounds like its coming from your supercharger, do yourself a favor and remove your front belt and check your water pump pulley! Do not get caught up in the "yep thats bad SC bearings" BS! My water pump pully was not wobbling, was not leaking, just the bearings going bad. The noise sounded like it was the snout bearings or the bearing case, but ended up being the water pump bearings going bad and because of the position of that pump, the sound resonated up through the SC. I lost focus and didnt check the simple shit first, on the plus side at 67000, I got a new water pump/thermostat/fluid change and a new SC, that came with a new throttle body, and new injectors. I got lucky with getting the water pump, they are on national back order. Somebody had ordered one, then didnt need it and I happened to get lucky.
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