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Scratched Paint from the factory. UNACCEPTABLE!!!

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UNACCEPTABLE!!! I was detailing my car the other day and I was obviously looking for any defects - especially paint defects since there seems to be a lot of complaints from forum members.

Well I found a doozy and I am NOT HAPPY!. I found this scratched valve cover and it wasnt hard to miss. It sticks out like a sore thumb. How could this have gotten by their inspectors.

Ok, so its obviously there and I didnt do it. SO I brought the car back to the dealer to see if they could give me a new engine and the service manager said NO!

[email protected]!!!! I paid $70,000 for a car and they think this kind of defect is acceptable?

Well I lost it and demanded they replace the motor ASAP but the manager just LAUGHED AT ME! He said they could respray the cover with RATTLE CAN PAINT!!!


So I opened a claim with Chrysler. Either replace the engine or give me my money back. No Way am I going to live with a rattle can spray paint job! NO WAY!

Take a look at the damage. Its so obvious I cant believe this passed inspection. I am too embarrassed to even open my hood. Whatcha all think?
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Everyone just calm the FU#K down. I can fix your car in .5 seconds. Super easy man. Are you ready. Take a clean cloth as to not leave any marks and shut the hood. Done! Thank you that will be $59.99.
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Dude, you are too serious today!! Amazon links?????
I was hoping to get something funny when I click on the link

Funny Not Funny Sarcasm Cloth Place Mat Zazzle
Sorry I'm a little off my game today. Try these. They are great for removal of sand from the vagina over a superficial scratch that will buff out with any wax on the market. Beach Pails and Shovels - 5 inch assorted colors 12 PKG Toy Toys Games
1 - 3 of 163 Posts
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