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Searching for a Harman Kardon subwoofer.

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Hello. Recently i bought a 2cnd hand 2015 Challanger SRT Hellcat. It was a salvaged title, that I decided to fix up. The car is done now, but while transporting the car, someone stole the subwoofer from the back, since it had rear end damage and the trunk couldn't close. Now i've been searching for a new sub, but i can't find one with all the plastic housing. Anyone have any ideas where i can find one?
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I havent found one with the casing. Best i can find is the sub without the case.
There's 3 complete units in that link right now...
Call around to junk yards for one, & if there's 1 thing I hate is a f**king thieve !
Good luck.
I have a new empty case from my 2018 , I put a spare tire in there and remounted the speakers in boxes
on the sides of the trunk. You could mount better speakers of your choice in it .
Asking $200 for the case
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Have the dealership replace it with the OEM part.
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