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Seat Compatibility (2015 - 2022)

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Long story here, but I have a brand new 2022 RE widebody charger. I swapped the driver's seat from my 2015 HC charger. The connectors are all the same, but I am getting an airbag light. Does anyone know if there are compatibility issues or differences? And, when did they make this change?
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Missing side airbag in the 2015 seat??
No, but the wire colors are different from one seat harness to the other. i.e. I think they are incompatible. No idea why it would be changed, ugh.
15/16 are pinned differently than the 17 to present. I do not reccoment doing this again as it may ruin the SRS module. Maybe not.
We are going to find out soon. Swapping back. The car has only been cycled on and driven aound the block with the swap. I'll post up. I should have looked into this in more detail first.
I disconnected the driver side seat and reconnected the 2022 passenger side seat first because, man, it sucks removing the driver seat with the steering wheel's interference. All the airbag codes on the passenger side immediately converted to stored from active. And, there were actually less codes on the driver side with the seat totally disconnected.

I am going to be fine except my original plan will no longer work. Hopefully this helps someone else at some point.
Update for anyone who cares and those that posted up, I swapped everything back. Zero issues. I think it could be re-pinned, but it was not worth it.

I had some very good condition 2019 seats as spares and was going to put those in the 2015, my 2015s in the new 2022 I bought, and the 2022s in the closet for fresh seats some time in the distant future. I planned to keep my 2015 forever, but they just kept releasing upgrades, and I couldn't resist the final hurrah. So glad I got the 2022 with all the 2023 mess and no performance upgrades. I will just keep the 2019s in the closet; I can always swap the foam and leather pieces if my seats wear.
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