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2015 Ivory Pearl 1 of 1 build because of the engine block heater from the factory. Lowered on KW coilovers, SPC front camber arms, 3 piece custom built wheels. APR carbonfiber sideskirts, CRZY engineering front splitter and rear diffuser, ZL1 addons carbonfiber wicker bill (I was the first to have one). Mopar pistol grip shifter. All stock, no other mods 😉

Favorite aspect is definitely 707HP from the factory with manual transmission and warranty. Best memory was buying it brand new in 2015 out of Utah and driving it back home to CA. 3K under MSRP at the time when everyone was asking 15-50K markup LOL. The last 7 years of ownership I have met a lot of cool people that have become really good friends and some even like family.
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