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"Service Active Dampening System" - how to diagnosis?

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The Service Active Dampening System message popped up on my dash (2015 Hellcat Challenger). I'm done the reading and tried these suggestions
  • Looked for broken or rubbed through wiring. (Didn’t find any and the tires are stock size)
  • Looked for leaking shocks. Didn’t see any.
  • Check fuse 48, it's good (bugger is hiding in the trunk)
  • disconnected the battery for an hour and reconnected.
  • Checked for DTC using the dash menu – nothing listed. Same for a basic scan tool.
Can anyone point me in a direction? Are there any cheap scan tools to will read the Active Damping system codes?

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So I scanned the car and I have a code U0139. "Lost communication with active damping control module."

It looks like this. Any idea where it is?

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Did you find it? I think it's in the trunk but I don't know how to get the panels off.
Open trunk. Remove enough plastic push pins to peel back right panel and you'll see it.
You were absolutely correct, I pulled the pins and it just fell right out LOL! I was worried about damaging something. Unfortunately it was a fruitless effort. I found that by disconnecting the correct strut the chiming stops but all the wheels combine to one of the plugs on the unit so without the pinout, I can't tell which wires I need to possibly bypass... thanks!
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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