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Service Active Dampening System msg, but wiring is fine

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Got this message when I cane out of the store today. Got home and looked at the the usual suspect wiring & nothing is broken or rubbed through.

No codes, just the error message. Disconnected the battery for a while & still there. Fiddles with all the wiring, unplugged things and no change.

What else could it be, bad shock(s)? The car rode perfectly fine before this randomly popped up when I started the car after getting out of the store. Now the usual ride from hell with this message on there...
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Is it riding fine or does it seem like it is rock hard?
Do you have the Dodge module or an aftermarket suspension module in place?
It's rock hard.
Factory module
Mine did that. The rock hard is apparently NO voltage to the shocks at all. Mine did that with an aftermarket module. I know I am not using a trickle charger again. Something about the way a trickle charger works can make the software take a hike. Strange but true. Good luck, look at the module.
How did you determine it was a trickle charger? I've used trickle chargers for years on lots of cars including this one and never had a problem.

How did you resolve your issue then?
The charger was the only thing done to the car in six months. Easy logic. They also agreed that several others identified and had the same problem this past winter. The issue is resolved by resetting or reflashing the software.

I also have used trickle chargers on the car for years. But not any longer. I’ll just use a big charger once a month.
I charge my battery time to time, but always disconect it, do you charge it connected to the car?? :oops::oops:
Yes. Thanks. I want to keep the power on.
Took the car into dealer today and the cause of the service active dampening system message is...a bad shock. Shock goes out less than 33k miles? Unreal. No, the car does not have a warranty anymore so this is out of pocket for me.
Nasty, what did that cost?
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