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Service/Electrical service manuals

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Anyone know how to locate repair manuals for the Challenger Hellcats? I ordered a 17 model and should have tried then but unfortunately I did not. I have always maintained my vehicles myself and have generally purchased manuals for most of the ones I have owned in the past. Been trying to run searches and locate now but I cannot seem to find any. I have an 08 Sprinter van that I was only capable of getting a CD for back in the day and sadly it is nowhere near as useful as the old style printed manuals were. Is that the way Dodge has gone on all their vehicles now and did I miss out on getting one direct from them? I know their tech authority site does show a link but it lists them as 'out of stock'.
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Yeah, just the tech authority USB for factory style manuals. Got one for my 15 and for the cost it's really bad. Most links (like torque specs) link to the wrong ones... go figure...
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