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I paid ADM. Not sure what a brain is worth in relation to money but I can tell the car in the future has a much lower value than what I’m paying for it. I want the car so I’ll buy it and I’ll pay what the dealer and I both think is fair. That’s the market we live in….
My point exactly. No matter what it is I'm buying, if I choose to by a Red Eye and I have to pay a little over, I don't mind because I'm getting something I like, I enjoy. It won't be online 2 years from now for sale with 500 miles. If it does go for sale, it will have miles on it because I intend to enjoy it. I'm in Colorado, and weather permitting I drive a Roadrunner and with a Hellcat to enjoy, I can start tearing down the bird and give her some attention.
1 - 1 of 72 Posts