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Should I??

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I have the option to build my own Hellcat from factory and pay less than MSRP and just wondering if I should jump on it or wait. I usually don't buy new bc of depreciation but this is very tempting! I'm also stuck decding between the challenge, charger, a used low mileage GTR, or a 2015 M3. Never really gotten to see and def ride in any of these vehicles. Just wondering if anyone has had the chance to ride/drive any of these and what they think.
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Deployed currently, using military auto exchange service. They guarantee to beat MSRP by at least $500. Was quoted by the rep here around 1500-2000 for the Hellcat. Price guarantee is also set once I'm allocated a slot so I get no surprise fees or if prices go up.
Thanks, guess I should've clarified earlier. I just haven't been able to see the Hellcat in person since I've been here in theatre for the last 8 months. Figured I could get some opinions from folks who have ;) I know it may be a bit biased on this forum but I like to hear from you guys!
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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