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Silver Dollar Raceway - Georgia Cat's 10.71 run

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See video for the run put down by Georgia cat! Can't post pics for whatever reason. Looking into it. Enjoy!

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I am the owner,Aric Carrion and the guys over at Injected Engineering did the e85 tune.MT drag radials and factory drive shaft.
Details: 1000cc injectors and boostapump,flashed PCM.
We made four passes on the day, the 10.71 was our best, this pass was made at 5:00pm on Sunday. The temp was around 84 and DA was right at 2800 ft.
The Granite car in the video is owned by a member here (Roby Irle) and went 10.82 in Bowling Green at Challenger fest two weeks earlier. This just goes to show what a difference weather makes.
Other info:
Granite car weighed 4600 with driver,my car weighed 4680 with driver.
Injected Engineering has only done what I have listed here, we are very excited about what will be happening in the future in regards to boost and other things.
We have a pump gas tune that we will be testing soon.
I don't want to get into bench racing arguments about what is better as far as mods and dyno pulls etc.because if it's not same track same day,it is just speculation.
I will put updates in this section as we go.
We are installing the one piece aluminum drive shaft today.
Thanks for your interest, we are not done yet!
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One more thing, we are taking the car too half mile in Clayton the end of the may.
I've never done this so I can't wait!
Nope, 741

STD is so out of date (like 8-9 years) don't understand why people still even use or post STD numbers.

Still 741 is a sizable gain for just e85, tune and injectors.

My concern would be why the dyno charts are so erratic? Lots of sharp up and down curves like computer is trying to sort out or deal with the e85 and tune. If this was a turbocharged car I'd think they were boost spiking up and down, but on a supercharged motor? Haven't seen a dyno plot on a s/c motor spiking so much before. Is this common on this particular dyno?
**edit: it may be that smoothing is set to 0 instead of 5.
Try reposting with smoothing at 5.

Clearly the tune raised the rev limiter by 200 rpm's yes? Weird that torque curve should stops at 6200 then, when HP curve goes to the raised 6400 rpm point.
I will check with Aric but I believe on the baseline pull, the PCM was pulling timing for whatever reason
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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