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Silver Dollar Raceway - Georgia Cat's 10.71 run

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See video for the run put down by Georgia cat! Can't post pics for whatever reason. Looking into it. Enjoy!

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Wow, 758HP at the wheels.
Nope, 741

STD is so out of date (like 8-9 years) don't understand why people still even use or post STD numbers.

Still 741 is a sizable gain for just e85, tune and injectors.

My concern would be why the dyno charts are so erratic? Lots of sharp up and down curves like computer is trying to sort out or deal with the e85 and tune. If this was a turbocharged car I'd think they were boost spiking up and down, but on a supercharged motor? Haven't seen a dyno plot on a s/c motor spiking so much before. Is this common on this particular dyno?
**edit: it may be that smoothing is set to 0 instead of 5.
Try reposting with smoothing at 5.

Clearly the tune raised the rev limiter by 200 rpm's yes?
I will check with Aric but I believe on the baseline pull, the PCM was pulling timing for whatever reason

If so, that may be either due to a bad tank of gas, or not enough fan speed to generate enough air, so it was throwing off A/F ratio and therefore it kept trying to fluctuate timing to compensate.
Yeah ask your tuner what he thinks is the reason for such an erratic baseline run. Still there a bit in the tuned version too.
How many fans do they have going?
Should have at least two of those "carpet dryer" high capacity ones blowing the front end, as well as a larger 4 foot diameter one overall as well. Needs to get lots of air in there. Even with those 3, still wouldn't be getting as much air in there as you would on the street doing 160+ mph like the engine is doing during a dyno pull on these cars.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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