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Sinamon Stick in clear matte wrap

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Hey all! Wondering if any of you out there have ever wrapped your Sinamon Stick car in a clear matte finish? Not sure if I want to go matte or just stick to gloss!??
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Thought about this, keep us updated!
Was hoping to find some pictures on line but came up empty handed.
Any updates? Curious myself
Not yet! Still have not got my car yet! I did talk to the ppf people here and they suggested not doing it with ppf. Said it could look funny as it's not a wrap and you would see the gloss lines at all the ends. Where doors close etc. So I don't know what to do yet!
You'd have to pay to have the car wrapped, then pay to have PPF put on over it. I personally don't like PPF of any kind, as I'm an OCD addled freak.
Yep, you would be correct. To make it look right.
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