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I've noticed that when you post content to the Wiki it doesn't post right away and instead has to wait for moderation. Obviously that makes sense since you never know when some troll or griefer is going to post something stupid. However I also noticed that once it's approved the content actually gets posted under the name of a generic "Guest" account instead of the user who provided the content. I think it would be better if the post would show the username of the person who took the time to add the content instead of just generically displaying "Guest". It's a small gesture but users make these sites work, they should at least get the small recognition that comes with contributing to the site.

btw...I discovered this when I noticed user B5 Blue uploaded a document he/she wrote and uploaded to the wiki. It was a long 4 page PDF that detailed things to check when you first pickup your Hellcat at the dealer. It's a great document and B5 surely spent a good chunk of their personal time creating it so I think they should get proper credit for being the one to post the content.

Just my two cents.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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