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Slidd can you post the link to check for build sheet by Vin #

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I know you posted it while ago and I cant find it...heard my Challenger Jailbreak has left factory and I want to see if I can find build sheet...thanks
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Thanks Slidd will post some pics when it arrives.....
The window sticker will show up eventually.
It can take some time as I have seen vehicles on lots that you could not look up the window sticker. They eventually show up though.
Not sure it may be a Canadian thing.
Well this just showed up this morning so I assume it will be at dealer soon now :)

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There you go.👍
At least we still get a deal on the 3.09, yet get hosed on everything else.😉
You got that right Jim and then pay 13% tax on top of it all.....:poop::rolleyes:
Ah Canada :) one day maybe move to Florida :cool:
14.975% here in Quebec.🤬
1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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