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Slidd can you post the link to check for build sheet by Vin #

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I know you posted it while ago and I cant find it...heard my Challenger Jailbreak has left factory and I want to see if I can find build sheet...thanks
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Build Sheet:
Window Sticker:

Replace 'xxxxx' with full VIN in all UPPERcase.

Found it after bit of searching...I can see my build sheet but no window sticker? Why is that if its been built and left factory?
There's been a few that have shipped but still the window sticker does not appear but don't know why.

Congrats on the 2022!

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Thanks Slidd will post some pics when it arrives.....
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The window sticker will show up eventually.
It can take some time as I have seen vehicles on lots that you could not look up the window sticker. They eventually show up though.
Not sure it may be a Canadian thing.
Probably a Canadian thing for sure like everything else...LOL
Cheers and thanks (y)
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Well this just showed up this morning so I assume it will be at dealer soon now :)

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There you go.👍
At least we still get a deal on the 3.09, yet get hosed on everything else.😉
You got that right Jim and then pay 13% tax on top of it all.....:poop::rolleyes:
Ah Canada :) one day maybe move to Florida :cool:
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At first I said wow $124k then I saw it was Canadian ( I could tell by all the misspelled words on the window sticker lol)
Do tell all the misspelled words on window sticker?? 😜
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