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I'm supposed to take delivery of my Hellcat Tuesday….except for the fact that we're supposed to get 20-30" of snow in one of the biggest blizzards ever for NY and Long Island. I'm guessing this will hold up the truck! I actually hope they don't even try to drive in that…rather wait and make sure the car arrives safe and sound, along with the driver! Bummer, but I guess it's safer to wait. Anyone else taking delivery this week on east coast that will be affected??
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Hey bro…I am in Massapequa. I hear it's very worth the wait, but haven't had a chance to see one in person yet. I hope yours will be in the garage for this snow storm.
Definitely! I'd love that! I have a lot of friends that are in the local clubs too. What color?
Hell yea! Can't wait to see it…love the Sublime! I ordered Granite Crystal with the Laguna Sepia interior.
I checked with RS today and it's still supposed to come Tuesday at 2am…but hopefully that changes to Wednesday or Thursday…I didn't think I'd ever say that LOL.
Thanks bro…Steve here at 516-655-9002
Thanks…really appreciate it…let's see how the weather pans out! Appreciate your kindness in offering!
That's true! I'm hoping it is delayed until Wednesday or Thursday and they keep the car in storage if it does show up. The last thing I want is my car out on the floor for people to touch! I know dealers do this in order to generate interest.
I totally agree! We haven't had any snow yet, and it has been abnormally warm....then my Hellcat gets scheduled for delivery, and we have one of the largest blizzards coming in the last 50 years. Go figure!
As I'm always looking to help out fellow members here - I'll hold it for you here in Orlando till the Spring. :D

Small world - as I lived in Massapequa (N.Nassau) when I was first married and moved to FL in '87. Don't miss the snow at all.
That's very cool. I'm just happy that I live in a development and have a driveway LOL. I'm sure Florida is much better...the weather is awesome there!
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