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So My Wife Says.......

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So I'm talking to my wife, and I'm laughing about posting a smoky burnout on the forum. She says," don't you know that you shouldn't do that." I reply with, the burnout or posting it on the forum. She says either, you idiot. She says don't you know that the Hellcat Forum is social media? Yeah, ok. She says, all that is out there for people to see. She says, " just like Facebook " Our friends, neighbors, future employers? I said, really, like I walk around with SHAKE & BAKE uniform on. And all the other people have embroidered clothes with their avatar on it. I could be freakin Batman and no one would know. I am almost certain that a future employer is gonna say, I'm not hiring you cause you have a Hellcat and your doing burnouts all over the place. Next my neighbors are the uppity, Mercedes crowd, who cares. And my friends, like they don't already know? WTH?
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I'm pretty sure most people don't know about the only people that know about it is hellcat owners and the ones who love our cars..I think your safe.. I'm not sure about the rules of posting burn outs tho..
There was a post that said post your burnout?
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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