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So, Tim Kuniskis called me today.......

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This is my status for a Challenger Hellcat: 32286836 - 9/9/2014 - FH773361 - 1/16/2015 - 4.3 months, been at "D" status nearly a month. Is it the A8 trans or the Laguna Leather holding up production? I can't get a straight answer from the dealer or SRT. So this afternoon I fired off a letter to Tim venting about communication from Dodge to the dealers and customers regarding status of their cars. Figured that would be the end of it, I vented and the email would be deleted.

About 3 hours later the phone rings, and the guy tells me he is Tim Kuniskis and he has some info regarding my car. Holy CRAP, not only did he read the email but he advised me the car should be D1 by Monday and built before the end of the month! :p:):p:D

We talked at length about communication with the buyer and accurate information. For whats it worth he stated there is no shortage of any transmission or seats for cars with VIN's. He did say they are working through the satin hood issues and it probably would take a while longer to remedy that back log. If anything the success of the Hellcat has increase sales on the base models and Scat Pak that additional shifts have been added to keep up production with total demand.

We talked allocations, and he stated they have modified the allocation process slightly each month in an attempt to stop dealers from bogus orders and marking up $10,000+. He did state that if a Hellcat sits on a dealer lot for over 4 days unsold that that dealer would lose their next allotment. Hinted that there may be even more penalties the longer it sits on the lot.

Oh yea, he is totally aware of and knows that we are a tight, well informed group! We talked for about 15 minutes, was a regular guy.

Maybe I'm being snowballed again, but his call made my day and restored some of my faith in Dodge. The proof will be in what I'm driving in about 45 days I guess!
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Did not get into that specifically but I have heard there appears to be 2 systems, one for Canada another for the US. Dodge did not open allocations here till 9/9/14. Some dealers took deposits earlier, but there was no allocations for us prior to 9/9. Tim did specifically state that my dealer did have that allocation so it will be built, some dealers may never get one for 2015 model year. Sorry I don't have more for you.
considering the competition with GM and Ford, that one single thing could IMO go a LONG way toward both building morale for the loyal, as well as bringing in a good chunk of those who are also shopping the competition. most people IMO probably are leery of what vehicle salespeople tell them. to have headquarters in collusion with that via refusing to confirm or deny allocation availability just plain sucks. I've always got the sense that the main reason for that by the Big Three is to move the lesser versions of the car. I'd also suggest that those who might opt for the lesser version under the pressure of waiting for months on end with no idea if they'll for sure get their target vehicle are probably those who it's most difficult to afford the Big Dog version, which makes it even worse.

at the same time, I'd most definitely give Dodge props if they are in any way making a valid attempt to do something about exorbitant ADMs. I'm one of those who doesn't freak about a markup of perhaps $5K, but seeing $20K+ markups is obscene. we do have what's predominantly a 'free market' economy without which we might well not see anything the likes of a HELLCAT. but at some point, for example as is the case with oligopolies and monopolies, there ought to be protection of the public.

if you really got a direct call from Kuniskis that says good things about Dodge too. that surprises the hell out of me.

congrats on the impending build and thanks for the thread.
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