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Got an offer from a dealership in concord nc that I rook. I'm in trucking business and the fuel prices and shortages has me worried so I just need to sell. If things flip back for the better I'll seek out a red-eye but for now I gotta be smart. My 2020 wb challie sticker was 80k after discounts and power dollars it was just shy of 68k (got lucky on that deal) as it was right b4 the shortages etc. 2 years later I sold it for 68k so I'm not too upset. Again like I said in my profession I think it was the best thing to do FOR NOW. It had 11k miles on the clock. Went to take them the stock wheels and she was in the show room already 馃槅. Awesome experience as she was my 2nd hellcat challenger but I will miss it 馃槩
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No sir they have it for 79k that sticker is what I paid 2 yrs ago
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I enjoyed the three+ years I had mine but I sold it a year it and a half ago and never looked back again. They're great cars but there's so many other great cars out there too. I'm just a car nut so I like to experience many different cars.
Yes sir. It's very hard especially laying here on a Sunday morning not going to the car lots looking for a replacement
@lovellgsxr you said in your first post you only paid 68k (msrp $79,855) because of discounts and power dollars. Also, I assume you bought it and after 2 years you sold it back to the same dealer
No sir. I bought it from Kernersville dodge and sold it to Rick Hendrick dodge in concord nc. It'll be 2 yrs in August
I understand how you were able to get a good deal buying that really nice Widebody Hellcat. Is F8 the color?

You could鈥檝e sold it for More money after 2 years and 11k miles Nowadays. Not sure how much more, but did you try Carmax? Or Vroom and Carvana. Last August Carmax gave me a lot for my low mile 鈥19 Scat Pack Charger.
Yes sir it was f8 green. I didn't want alot of haggling so I figured out what I'd take for it and posted it and boom it was sold in less than an hour. Probably could've gotten more but it us what it is. 馃憤
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