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Sold my Hellcat

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As the title says, I sold my Hellcat . The reasons are not important, but is interesting.

On July 1st, I ordered a new 1320 without a final value for my Hellcat, which I was trading. I've been friends with the GM of the dealership, so I was't really concerned. However, for whatever reason, he is a little concerned about the HC market and the used market in general. We just couldn't get together on a trade that made us both happy. I still wasn't worried....I still had a HC.

Last Saturday, I called the dealership in La Grande, OR, just to test the waters and see what they might be willing to pay for the HC. We have a second home there, so I thought what the heck, I'll just see. I gave them the the VIN and 5 minutes later they called back and offered me $73,000' my first thought was, "Well, that's gonna work!"

Now I know that doesn't sound like much to you guys that have 90K JB cars, but mine was the proverbial "Poverty Pack" that I bought last fall. I bought the car right and this gave me several thousand dollars in my pocket after my OTD price in Dec. I was very pleased. The sales manager told me he a customer for the car and hoped it would be gone by last Sunday.

We picked up the check for the car today and the HC is now in the showroom. I guess whomever he had on the car wasn't as interested as he though. But really makes me wonder what the HC market will be in a small town in NE Oregon when the snow flies?

I really hate to see the HC go. It is my opinion the HC family of cars are the greatest pure muscle cars ever built.

For those of you who have one, drive the snot out of it....that's what they are for. For those of you is well worth the agony of the wait.
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