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Someone Backed out and I have taken there spot

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I have got an order in, in Freehold, New Jersey 10-10-14. I am 2 of 2 of their allocation, got the Build sheet and a VON number. Lime Green with Nav, black hood, they claim no more Sepia Leather is available. Anyone seen the Standard Premium Leather? I hope I won't be disappointed. This should be an upgrade from my 1971 Cuda with a 528 Hemi 5 Speed with 600 HP 600 ft/lbs of Torque. I couldn't imagine if this car can actually get traction. Great to be on the site with you all
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This is exactly what happened with me! I was #5 or 6 on this list at Woodhouse and all the people ahead of me wanted options that were not available right away. My salesman called me up(and understand he has a little bit of a southern accent) and told me this. I made him repeat it a few times to make sure I heard him right.
The SRT 392 has the same seats. I drove one yesterday and the seats were comfy as heck! It had the suede insert. If your dealer has one of those, you can check out the seats. I thought they were really nice, but I'm not that picky, I am all about the engine and supercharger!;)
I was told by my salesman that the "standard" seats were very similar to the seats I currently have in my 12 SRT. I like my current seats.
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