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Something that I find perplexing re: Rain sense wipers or more accurately put...the absence of them on the Charger Hellcat

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Good day:

My understanding is that the Challengers do offer auto Rain sense wipers, but not so with the Chargers. This makes absolutely no sense to me. Can anyone shed any light as to the flawed logic of such a decision?

Many thanks in advance

Be safe
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You can’t get them on a challenger red eye either.
I have them on my 21 Redeye. I love them
Oh I messed up. It was tje forward collision and adaptive cruise not available. My bad.
I didn’t get that technology group because half of the options were NA for the red eye. It’s just the wipers and auto high beams.

I never had a car with auto high beams but the auto wipers suck in my Tahoe.
Chargers do get a few other things that Challengers don't so they make up for it elsewhere.
like what? I never looked into chargers I’m a charger NEWB.
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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