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Sound Auto adjust - how to turn it off completly?

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I'm at my wits end on this one. I've gone through the settings and turned off the "feature" that says it will increase the volume as speed increase and yet the radio still does it. It's gotten pretty annoying with the fluctuating from real quite at a light to super loud at highway speeds. Is their a setting I'm missing? Is their a bug that is in the system that has a workaround?

If it matters, I'm on what Uconnect says is the most up to date version.

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Unless someone else chimes in, mine is the same way. It jumps a certain level louder when it hits 30?, and mine is off too.
Dayyyyyyyum, thanks.
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Honestly, it's growing on me after using it for 7 months. You can talk to people easier when stopped.
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