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Sound system upgrade

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With all the performance mods in the bag so to speak, I am turning my attention to the sound system. Have the factory H/K setup and will be removing all of that. Will retain the head unit and just put the PAC Amp-Pro stuff on it so I have full range RCA outputs to drive everything.
Just collecting parts at this point, and before I do anything to the sound system I will put the rear seat delete I ordered in. The rear seat delete kit is scheduled to be here in early June.

We will be adding Dynamat & Dynaliner to do some soundproofing on the floor, doors and firewall. I have seen where that combo was good for just over a 6db reduction in overall road/engine noise.

New sound system will be DSP based and all 3 way component cabin speakers will be actively crossed over with a pair of 6 channel amps.

The cabin speakers will be 2 pair of Focal Flax PS 165 F3's. So each corner will have a 6.5" mid bass, 3" midrange and 1" tweeter. 12 speakers total for F/R-L/R.
For a sub I am using a JL Audio 13TW5v2 in 2 ohm. Talking to a custom shop about making a fiberglass sub box that will mount just like the Stealthbox does, but use a much better driver. The stealthbox has 1.25 cu ft and the driver I am using only requires 0.8-1.0 cu ft.
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Here's a few videos of the system that was built for my HC. Just an FYI for you...
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sounds awesome! Front stage is really accurate. Obviously, the source material dictates what things sound like, but on good HiDef source material, you can pick up each instruments placement on the stage. Pretty awesome stuff.
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Good to see shops like this still exist. I was real big into SQ car audio about 20 years ago. I had a brand new 1999 Camaro SS with a set of Focal Utopia components in custom fiberglass kick panels in the front, OZ Audio 8" midbass drivers in the doors, JL Audio amps for the front and subwoofer, an Eclipse 15" Aluminum sub in a sealed box in the hatch, a Rockford Fosgate EPX2 Symmetry for processing, and an Alpine three disc CD head unit. Of course the whole car was deadened with sound deadener. I've thought about doing something like this again one day but it seems aftermarket car audio isn't as popular as it once was in my time and its hard to find good shops in my area anymore. I could go to Atlanta which is 2 hours away but to be honest, I would really prefer to build it in a car that's actually quiet so my car audio isn't fighting with the exhaust noise. I don't own anything super quiet right now except my daily driver, 2015 GMC Canyon and I can't see putting any car audio in that vehicle.
These cars are LOUD! That's one of the reasons I upgraded the sound system in mine. But, I have to tell the truth, there are days when I turn the music off and roll down the window and just enjoy the blower whine from the Legmaker intake!
Finally received everything. As it turned out, a good portion of the parts I am using come from Europe. The amps are German, the DSP is Italian and the speakers are French.
Took a while to find a US based retailer for all the electronics, and he was great to work with. Pricing was very good and most of it was shipped from Sweden.
I have 3 Helix amps. Two 6 channel, to actively drive the 2 pair of 3 way component speakers (12 speakers total) and a mono sub-woofer amp. The 6 channels are 130W peak/ch and the mono is 700W @ 2 ohm, and almost 1200W at 1 ohm.
The DSP is the new Audison Bit One HD Virtuoso. 13 channels, so there's a dedicated DSP channel for each speaker/amp run.
The 2 pair of Focal Flax Evo 3 Way component speakers I bought out of Germany. In this country, these speakers sell for $1050-1200 a pair. Buying them from the EU, even with shipping and taxes, saved almost 50%. And when I got the speakers, they were brand new, factory packaging and I was able to register their warrantee with the manufacturer without any problems.
The subwoofer driver is the JL Audio piece I mentioned in the original post. I have a local installer already looking at building the custom fiberglass sub box so it fits exactly like a Stealthbox, only with a much better driver.
Finally, RCA cables. Schmitt Custom Audio Cables are making me 7 pair of .5M RCA cables for DSP to amplifiers (1 spare) and 3 pair of 3M RCA cables that go from the 6 Amp-Pro outputs to the DSP inputs.

There are 2 drivers on when the actual install will happen. One is the rear seat delete kit. I expect to see that in early June. The other is installation of the front and rear shock tower braces. These need to be prefit, and modified as required before going into the paint booth. Once the braces are in with the rear seat delete, its install time. They will be working on the sub box so thats at least done.
sounds like a nice system! Keep us posted as the install continues. One thing that bit me early on though, was buying a gray market Helix DSP.3 (from Italy). The price was really good, and free air shipping. I thought it was too good to be true. It was. The DSP.3 arrived DOA. No warrantee here, because it was purchased out of country. The Italian retailer was a dick. The only way I got my money back was to protest the sale on eBay. I had to cover the return shipping too. Just a learning experience for me. Now, EVERYTHING I buy is from a USA dealer.
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