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Spare Tire Fitment Question.

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Will this emergency spare fit any Hellcat with 4 piston calipers ?

Spare Wheel 17" w/ Tire T135/90D17 2.91/32 2017 2018 2019 Dodge Charger SXT

Thank you !
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Didn't think they still used a 17" spare. All the later Challenger and Charger use 18" spares far as I know. The 18" will fit the rear on Brembo cars. The 17" I don't know but would guess not.

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Do not think that would clear the front Brembos
No, absolutely not, for use on rear only. If you got a front flat, you would need to do a double swap.

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Who’s releasing this spare tire? And where can I buy one?
Modern Spare says some time in 2022 they will release a 6-piston 19" spare.

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But do I need it, Slidd? Or will the original 18” spare fit over the WB brakes? I can always do a dual swap if I have to right? I just asked about this on a super old thread over on the other forums too.
You would have to do a double swap, the factory 18" spare will fit on rear only.

And how the hell is a 19 inch wheel going to fit in the trunk? I remember the 18 being a tight sweet when I installed it in my SP.
I haven't seen them post a tire size so it's still possible it will still fit, assume the 19-inch wheel is for caliper clearance only and the overall diameter might still be the same.

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