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Spare Tire Fitment Question.

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Will this emergency spare fit any Hellcat with 4 piston calipers ?

Spare Wheel 17" w/ Tire T135/90D17 2.91/32 2017 2018 2019 Dodge Charger SXT

Thank you !
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I have an unused modernspare I bought for my 2019 Redeye. I traded the Redeye in for a Trackhawk a couple months ago. I’d sell the modernspare at this point. In fact, I never opened the box it was shipped in. It worked perfectly…as soon as I had a spare tire, I never had a flat! My original motivation for getting the spare happed when I ran over something on the highway that ripped a big hole in a tire. I went from no problems to completely flat, 0 PSI in about ten seconds. Fortunately, the flat was on the rear and I had a set of Demon wheels with 325/45-18 Hoosiers mounted on them at home to use as a spare.
If you have any interest in the modernspare that can be used front or rear, the jack, lug wrench and hold down for securing in the trunk spare tire well, I’m willing to sell it. How does $300 sound? Please see the post in the Wheels and Tires for sale section.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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