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Reduced engine temperatures add life to your engine and provide a denser air/fuel mixture which helps produce more horsepower. Consistent control of engine temperature allows an engine to operate at its peak efficiency no matter what the driving conditions. The factory 203 degree thermostat simply cycles open and closed, this reduces cooling efficiency in any engine. With the 180° thermostat you get consistent engine cooling and a precise metering of water throughout the engine. Specifically Designed for the Mopar application

To Order: Speedlogix 180* Thermostat 2005-2020 Challenger/Charger/300/Magnum V8


Opening Temperature Rating: 180 degrees
Flow Rating: High-flow
Gasket Included: Yes
Thermostat Material: Stainless steel
Quantity: Sold individually.

If you have questions call 561-687-3712 or send us a PM.

- Alexis
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