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Speedlogix Front Strut Tower Brace - MY22

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Hi - has anyone here bought/installed the Speedlogix Front Strut Tower Brace specifically on a 2022 Redeye? I am having some fitment issues on mine and I've been going back and forth with Speedlogix about it. I am thinking that there may be some variance in the some of the parts/molds on my MY22, because they claim no one else has had any issues (however they didn't confirm anything by model year yet). The is the third bar I have had from them over 4 cars (2x 392s and a HC) so I'm pretty solid on how to install/remove these and what they should look like. For example, this is the right side where the cowl pin hole doesn't line up and I ziptied in the meantime:

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Seems like its just for the wrong year. I would confirm the proper year before u did anything cause thats not even close.

I prefer the Bar from Pettys garage even tho their customer service sux balls. Mine no longer fits cause I swapped the blower lid. Plus they color match them if u want. Maybe SL does that as well not sure.
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Looks dope AF love that color!

Another Petty fan here. Ive got both their front and rear braces. Welds beautiful and paint match right in.
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