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Springs/sway bars/lowering..... Redeye

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Talk to me like a 5 year old on what I could or should do to redeye if money isn’t an issue? How low is low but NOT too low I can drive over speed bumps ?
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Since you said money is no issue I'll still reply.

Here is my long term plan:
  • Mopar Springs. I'd like a slight drop but not so low that speed bumps or driveways cause anxiety. About a half inch drop with these. Not a lot but IMHO the hellcat doesn't need a huge drop.
  • AAD front and rear adjustable control arms - Products I plan to add these even if I wasn't going to drop the car. The factory caster and camber isn't adjustable and there are benefits with just being able to dial this in. It's amazing on how slight changes to caster and/or camber can make the car feel.
  • Adjustable toe rods. I'm going to go with AAD as well as I love their dial it in tab design.

I do agree with the above. If it's a new car to you I'd drive it a bit to see how you like how the car looks and feels. The above I posted will change how the car feels so if you are happy with it as is then sticking stock isn't a bad idea.
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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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