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I paid to attended one of these events in 2010 (only owned an R/T back then). There was not a lot of "training" to drive fast. On the track (Englishtown NJ, small twisty course) you were put into an SRT car (300, Charger, Challenger, or Jeep) and told to follow the leader, two cars at a time. The leader knew how to drive fast. Real fast. The idea was to keep 2 or 3 car lengths behind and right in his tire tracks. There was not a lot of classroom type training as there is in a Petty Driving School type of event. Before getting behind the wheel, you could ride a few laps as a passenger with the leader, and he (there might be she drivers) would explain some of the theories of fast driving on a track. To be honest, I was looking for more instruction, like a classroom setting for a few hours, then a few passenger laps, then a few driving laps. And the Englishtown track is a small road course. Other tracks would be different. As the event has progressed over the years, they may have added more classroom type instruction. I don't know any details other then what they've posted on their website.

In addition to the track, there was an autocross set up in a large parking lot where you drive solo for quickest time. Lap times on that were around 30 to 40 seconds. There was also a drag race portion, run two at a time, 1/4 mile track. SRT Jeeps are fast. At the end of the day, you got to ride as a passenger with the pro driver in a Viper. The pro drove the daylights out of that car. Scary fast (bring extra underwear). Four wheel slides through the turns at 130+ mph. All of the cars got beaten up and tires shredded. You really don't want to use your own car.

I don't think I would pay the $699 for the event. Back then it was only $500. Since it's included in the cost of the new car, there is a 50-49 chance I will do the event again (but not at Englishtown, ever) or sell the spot to someone, and a 1% chance I will give it to a really close friend of mine as his 55th birthday present. Everyone at the event seemed to have a good time. The food (breakfast and lunch) was really good. Nice sunny day makes it fun, but they do run the event in the rain which would probably suck a lot. I wouldn't call it a once in a lifetime experience, but since we all pay for it in the price of the car, it's not a bad way to spend a day. And if all the participants bring their own SRT to the event, the parking lot becomes a really cool car show. Everyone checks out each other car, comparing mods, etc.
NICE post. Thanks for sharing your experience!
1 - 2 of 39 Posts
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