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SRT / Hellcat Lower front grille

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Anyone have the part number for this piece?
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Also are there any after market grilles available yet?

I'd prefer to keep my original one in tact and modify something else or get a second OEM one to play with.
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1 - 3 of 7 Posts could certainly be easier to navigate. I found the one for the cars with and without front camera:

68214869AB without $74.85
68214868AB with camera cutout

This should allow me to put a sto-n-sho style front plate frame and still access the removal pin though I think I may just wedge some L brackets between the existing grill anyhow.
Nothing broken or removed on mine. This one this is from an image of a tracked car (same one as my avatar pic).

Thanks for the link, I've bought a few Mopar items from a US dealer online. I'd originally posted this because I couldn't find the part numbers.

I just didn't want to cut anything into my OEM Hellcat grill until I found the part and could order up a replacement. Then I got to wondering if the regular SRT one might work even better.

This is for a removable front plate bracket but I also have some "parking sensors" to install up front.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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