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Still In Limbo

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I put a $5000 deposit down at Suncoast Dodge in Seminole, Florida on November 14th and I am still in limbo. I got a VON, VON 32805891, but no updates. My Dodge dealer has no idea when the second allocation will start and if it will start. This whole Hellcat ordering process has been one big cluster fu_k!

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That is so wrong. It is a travashamockery! Not to make a joke out of it, there should be some legal steps or at least someone higher up at Chrysler to talk to. They really need to know about these cases
Hi Bfusion,

I have contacted Ralph Gilles/SRT about this and the response back was the sound of crickets!

That is so wrong BK. I think all the members here that have received their Hellcats, need to get together to help the people like us get theirs, at least like you and ABE. This is not right. I am from 9/29 and am anxious, can't imagine how you guys feel!
I think this launch of the Hellcat has caused people not to want to buy a Dodge again! Keeping people in the dark about their cars and feeding them lines of BS! Also Dodge/Chrysler has done nothing to stop these dealers who are raping people who want to buy a Hellcat for MSRP and trying to charge them $20K over MSRP.

I understand the whole free enterprise thing and agree with it , but customer loyalty should come into play here with Chrysler. Maybe shoot a little lower with a regional rep from Dodge. These are the people that can feel the pressure and be concerned about their jobs. I don't think Ralph Giles is concerned about his.
They are suppose to have the ordered cars built by years end. The evidence shows they are ramping up the production. Everyday they build a few more than the day before.
I am kinda glad I am not getting one of the first ones and its winter here with more snow last night so there is no way I could drive it. They make some corrections and adjustments as they build the new ones.

How would you like to have one of the cars built that is just sitting in the Taylor Yard??? no del date just there for 6 weeks now.
Iknow 70Cuda, I feel your pain. Maybe we need to get some protesters in here to picket the yard!
I just want a VIN. I can wait until March for mine
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