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Still In Limbo

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I put a $5000 deposit down at Suncoast Dodge in Seminole, Florida on November 14th and I am still in limbo. I got a VON, VON 32805891, but no updates. My Dodge dealer has no idea when the second allocation will start and if it will start. This whole Hellcat ordering process has been one big cluster fu_k!

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nothing the AG or BBB can do, right now this is an allocated car so whenever the dealer gets an allocation then you might get a VIN....I too have been in line since the beginning but I knew it was a slim chance I'd get picked for the first allocation (I was 3rd in line). Dealer had 2 in the first round so now I'm waiting for 2nd round to begin.

And Abe....some people have recently been getting VIN's this week from the first round so holding onto hope with you that you get it soon!!!!
How would you like to have one of the cars built that is just sitting in the Taylor Yard??? no del date just there for 6 weeks now.
I would gladly take the scenario where my car is built and sitting in the Taylor yard vs my current situation of just having a VON in BX status. That sounds like heaven to me actually.
1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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