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Just want to throw this out there to the folks with 2015 Hellcats. Last week my car started making a clicking sound at lower speeds. I could tell that it was not coming from rock in the tire and the speed was also faster. It was also intermittent. If the car sat overnight the clicking sound went away and didn't come back if I was only cruising around town. Only once I hit highway speeds would it return and then the sound wouldn't quit until it sat overnight again. I took it in to my dealer and they put it on a lift for inspection. I was blown away how bad of shape the center bearing was. I would say you could move the driveline up/down 3-5 inches. Now I am fully aware that this is a weak link in our cars, but I am positive it was toast even before it started making the noise. I am posting this so perhaps any people with older Hellcats would get their cars up on a lift and do a visual inspection. I have taken really good care of my car and had no idea it was as bad as it was. This could have gone south really quick during one of my getting on the highway balls to the wall pull's.

Also i had a very small leak in my radiator they caught on the lift as well. All was covered under my Chrysler 8/120 warranty. Sorry no pics

Again I just wanted to give you all a heads up.

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Propeller shaft had me thinking Evinrude or water pump. Turns out it was neither lol. Good catch, could've been ugly.
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