Hey All,

Was cleaning in my garage and found my old full set of front and rear brembo brake pads taken off the car with less than 200 miles on them. Practically brand new and figured I’d post them up for super discount sale vs buying them new for someone.

I swapped them when I first bought that car as I did not want to deal with the dust. Removed from a 2017 Charger Hellcat. 99% life left on them and a shame to just throw away if I can help someone who needs all the Oem pads for a discount vs Oem cost at the dealer.

Throw Me shipping and some $ for um and there yours. How about $150 plus 25 shipping total 175 for pads all around oem. That’s 1/2 the price online I see for them??? Or is that not a deal let me know.

Ps 2021 pads will be available soon as well as I have already ordered power stop pads for the new car.

Red Cat Mike